About Us

Welcome to Frenchroot

Your gateway to French gourmet excellence

Founded with passion and determination, our company is constantly evolving to offer you an exquisite selection of French products of the highest quality.

Our History

The Frenchroot story began a few years ago, in 2017, in Seville, Spain, where two French students on an internship had a culinary revelation. While exploring the picturesque streets of this enchanting city, we noticed the absence of certain authentic French products, notably syrup. This observation immediately caught our attention, and from that moment on, the idea of an ambitious project began to germinate.

Our stay in Spain opened our eyes to the importance of authenticity and diversity in quality food products. We realized that there was an extraordinary opportunity to bring these French delicacies to an international audience hungry for authentic flavors. And so the idea for Frenchroot was born.

Our passion for the French culinary tradition, combined with our desire to share these gastronomic treasures with the world, has been the driving force behind our adventure. From humble beginnings, we've come a long way to create a company dedicated to exporting the highest quality French products.

Today, Frenchroot is the fruit of our commitment to French excellence, our desire to promote the French gastronomic tradition and our desire to offer you an exceptional taste experience. Join us on our culinary journey and discover French delicacies such as honey, cheese, jam and syrup, carefully selected to satisfy the most discerning palates. We look forward to sharing the authentic taste of France with you.

Our Philosophy

Behind each terroir lies a story, a know-how and an exceptional product. We want to reveal these secrets, tell their stories and origins.

We want to expose the link between the work of your hands, your passion and your creativity

We have discovered that often, at the origin of a good product, there is a person as daring as talented. Each story is different and reveals the rich rural heritage and art of living of the regions of France.

We are a company that allows French producers to offer their products in order to promote French know-how internationally