Export professional specialized in French delicatessen products


Since 2017, the desire to promote French craftsmanship motivate us to expand our vision. Today, we are proud to be able to do so while respecting our values.

Behind each terroir lies a story, a know-how and an exceptional product. We want to reveal these secrets, tell their stories and origins.



Immerse yourself in the sweet essence of France with our exquisite honey, meticulously harvested in the heart of our floral regions. Each jar tells the story of bees gathering flowers, creating a golden nectar of unrivalled purity.


Awaken your taste buds with our French jams, veritable gems of fruity flavor. Each jar captures the essence of local orchards, transforming ripe fruit into a sweet symphony that dances on your palate.


Explore the art of French cheese, a perfect marriage of tradition and innovation. Our cheeses embody the richness of the terroir, offering varied textures and complex aromas for an unforgettable taste experience.


Crown your moments of delight with our exceptional French syrups. Refined blends of flavors, creating a sweet harmony in every drop, for a taste experience that transcends borders. Experience the quintessence of French gastronomy.

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